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Our company Edymax was established in 2003 in Bardejov (Slovak Republic). From a small local agency, we managed to build relatively quickly a dynamically developing company that has become a recognized player on the market. After only three years of existence, we placed 1,300 people and had 49 in-housel employees. In the next three years we have grown to 3,100 leased and 119 in-house employees.

The crises between the years 2009 to 2012 slightly slowed down the growth of the company, but also gave us incentive to restructure and professionalize services, which in turn boosted business development within Edymax. From 2013 Edymax has grown strongly, expanding its portfolio of clients, external and in-house staff and opening new branches not only in Slovakia but also in the Czech Republic and Germany.

We are a partner for renowned companies seeking the best employees to improve their skills, but also for people looking for a job. The results that we achieve, we are ranked among the top recruitment agencies, which commits us to continuous development of products and services.

Board of directors

PhDr. Marek Kuchta, MBA

„Behind every fulfilled dream there are people and their hard work.“
In 2003 he founded the company EDYMAX , and is currently the CEO of the group. He is responsible for strategic management division directors, product portfolio and quality control of services provided to clients.

Ing. Daniel Bercel, MBA

„Job placements have been my mission, satisfied employees and a satisfied client are my personal satisfaction.“
Manages EDYMAX Europe, special projects and acquisitions in Germany.

PhDr. Roman Kučera PhD.

Country Sales Director of The Slovak Republic & The Czech Republic
„Proactive approach, professionalism and openness, high professionalism, enthusiasm and willingness to seek appropriate solutions.“
He is responsible for business in the Slovak Republic. His target business activities are setting partnerships with clients, opening new business opportunities and acquisitions.


We are members and partners of several national and international associations and unions.

Slovak Republic:

Association of Employers' Unions &
Alliances of the Slovak Republic

Automotive Industry Association

Association of Providers of Employment Services

Czech Republic:

Czech-German Chamber of
Commerce & Industry

Union of Industry & Transportation
of the Czech Republic

Great Britain:

British Chamber of Commerce
in the Slovak Republic


European Economic Senate e. V.
Economic competence for Europe

Association of Temporary
Allocation Agencies

Slovak-German Chamber
of Commerce & Industry



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