Are you in a situation where your production requires within a certain time horizon to increase the number of employees? Do you want an effective recruiting of quality employees who will fully cover your production? What we design - in the form of Temporary Staffing - is for you to employ workers whom we train in our skill center. They will be trained about your production processes and this will give you an opportunity to take the best workers on board your company through Try & Hire. View services

Does the lack of qualified workers cause you production problems? Are production specialists a part of your key staff? We will prepare for you an Assessment Center through which we will choose for you the most suitable employee under the terms of Permanent Staffing. If your process of training is longer and more demanding, we advise you to use employment opportunities in the form of Try & Hire where we will recommend only the worker who is fully productive and who has the necessary qualifications. View services

Has your production changed? Are you beginning production of a new product? Have you changed the technological process? Have you invested in new production machinery and equipment? We will prepare workers through performing an internal audit and define the Development Center where workers adjust to new production processes. In some cases, we include the employees into our skill center where they practically acquire the required skills. View services

Do you have more than three suppliers of human resources services? Do you want to set the same conditions for those suppliers? Do you want to optimize the administration process of supplier relationships? We can become your sole supplier partner and we form a Master Vendor to cover all your suppliers and the entire administration process. We ensure the quality of human resource services and that means that you will have one set of documents for your acceptance. View services

Does your production have a seasonal curve? Do you need to temporarily acquire more workers? Do you need to ensure the smooth running of the warehouse inventory? The ideal solution for you in this case is Part Time staffing. On certain days or weeks, we secure the entire recruitment process of suitable employees, the organization and administration associated with securing seasonal workers and we will do so exactly according to your requirements. View services

Are you facing mass layoffs? Do you want to minimize the risk associated with the cost of reducing the number of internal employees? Do you want to relieve your human resource department? HR Audits set the optimal number of internal employees. Other internal employees will transfer to the Outplacement as agency employees through temporary staffing. For you, this minimizes the risk of financing costs that come at the time when you are curbing your production. View services

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Process of acquisition, deployment and retention in sufficient quantity and quality in order to increase the efficiency of your company.

Temporary staffing Part time staffing Internal outplacement Try and hire Master vendor


With our help we provide you with the perfect fit for your individual needs taking all the different aspects into consideration.

Permanent staffing Assessment Centre (AC) Executive search

Consulting & Training

This encompasses the process of defining criteria in the areas of expertise, education and experience within job positions, identification of conflicts that affect the performance of your employees, and an appropriate proposal leading to an increased success of your company. The process also entails the comparison and planning of the compensation expenditures.

Personal audit Development centre Skill Centre

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