Our clients

Case studies

Gastro temporary staffing

Our clients in the gastronomical segment – resorts, hotels, restaurants, cooperate with us in times of their high seasonality, when they need to bridge the peak traffic season through adding temporary employees of the Department Gastro especially bartenders, waitresses, waitresses, cooks, pastry chefs, receptionists and maids. For this type of cooperation we created a group of workers who are experienced and we shift them towards the customers in order to cover seasonality in the Gastronomical segment.

Part time placement

Our client, a Korean manufacturer of automotive parts, got into trouble due to high fluctuations and a lack of workforce. This especially applied to skilled welders. After the start of cooperation we provided a group of welders who work through temporary assignment, doing the same job as long-term employees. Additionally, we created a flexible group of welders named “on call” and here together with the client we retrained them. That in turn meant that they were available within demanded hours, or days where they in effect acted as part-time job workers.

Skill centrum

Our long-term client, a company operating in the electronics industry, was forced to change its practices due to product innovations and modified production processes. This also had an effect on requirements of employee’s qualifications. These requirements are very strict and therefore the selection of appropriate candidates must be closely monitored. Therefore, we offer our clients a service Skill Center, through which we choose and test the applicant in the course of 3 days, and afterward we follow up with further checks and we transfer to them the required knowledge. Acceptance of candidates at the onset came to 87%, resulting in significant savings for the client and it lowered their costs.

Temporary staffing

Our client, a leading manufacturer of automotive parts, operating in South Bohemia, had a long-term struggle with a lack of workers on production lines, in operating storage rooms, or operating welding machines. This situation arose from the fact that there is a high concentration of manufacturing plants in the region, and consequently the region lacks labor potential. The positions that most clients were missing were operators for assembly lines, logistics people with fork truck license cards, CO2 as well as TIG welders. We offer to the client the possibility of ensuring the operation of production through a supra-regional recruitment, mainly from Slovakia, and that came in the form of temporary workers. Through our network of recruitment centers in Slovakia, we provide clients with qualified personnel strictly according to their specifications. Also we ensure workers’ accommodation at the place of work.


Our successful partners


We value the speed and flexibility of Edymax in assigning employees to our company.
Communications from Edymax have been fast and to the point. Fluctuation has improved significantly lately, but we have not met our mutual goal yet.


We have worked with Edymax Holding a.s. since 2007. We use their services mainly to fill operator positions in production and workers in LOGISTIC.

The terms of our cooperation are set out by a contract and are carried out in accordance with the LSO 16949 standard, as well as the conditions as determined by the production of critical part (D) of car breaks. Edymax is very flexible and responds quickly to our demand for employees. We have regular weekly meetings with the agency where we discuss operational matters. So far we have only interviewed verified employees. Thanks to Edymax we were able to fill open work positions in production and to fulfil our customer’s needs in a timely manner. We currently employ about a hundred employees from the Edymax Holding a.s. agency.


Thanks to our collaboration with Edymax, we have gained qualified and reliable employees.

Our on-going several months of cooperation allow us to offer high quality products to our customers, to innovate and to respond timely to the demands and needs of the market. Their consultancy service about changes and amendments to the Labour Code is also a very beneficial tool.


Working with EDYMAX SE allows us to bypass periods of long-term absences in our company and to verify the abilities and skills of candidates for specific work positions.

It also helps our personnel with securing administration related to the creation, course and termination of employee’s employment, as well as managing and processing salaries.


The history of our successful collaboration with Edymax in terms of their staffing services extends to the beginnings of Samsung in Slovakia.

During our contractual relationship, Edymax provided us with high quality employees with the qualifications and skills we needed and did this in a timely manner. Many of those employees became part of our regular staff and are some of the highest rated. The tradition, speed and flexibility of Edymax’s responses to our needs are exactly the parameters due to which we will gladly rely on Edymax’s services again in the future.


Our collaboration with EDYMAX SE, in terms of their temporary employment services, began in 2007 and continues to this day.

EDYMAX SE, with their team selected for the PCA Slovakia s.r.o. project, handle their task remarkably well despite the difficult conditions in Slovakia’s labour market. We were especially impressed with the prompt and flexible approach of EDYMAX SE’s recruitment team when dealing with difficult tasks related to securing temporary employees by the required date, as well as of a high quality and the required quantity. Administration services secure high quality temporary workers with an emphasis on the motivation to work in the automobile industry and the personality of the candidates. The EDYMAX SE participants on the project at our company are comprised of qualified, funded and upstanding coordinators, recruiters and other expert referees. EDYMAX SE contribute to the recruitment of employees in the following professions: Production Operator, Quality Controller, Forklift Truck Driver, Depositors and other desired labourer posts. Our currently assigned employees are in the following facilities: pressing, welding, painting, assembly, quality and logistics. EDYMAX SE currently has 250 temporary employees assigned to roles at our company. Our company has decided to keep collaborating with the agency in securing further temporary employees.


Thanks to working with Edymax, we have gained remarkable employees that we can always rely on.

Our on-going yearlong collaboration allows us to provide our buyers with quality products, to innovate and to react flexibly to the needs and demands of the market. Their consultancy service about changes and amendments to the Labour Code is also a very beneficial tool.


The Edymax recruitment agency is a reliable and respectable partner verified by our yearlong cooperation. They react flexibly and professionally to our specific staffing needs.


We are cooperating with Edymax for the second year. During that period they have helped us positioning many employees.

Recommended candidates, and Edymax has shown professionalism when dealing with employee selection. Last but not least, we appreciate the speed and flexibility with which it responds to our needs. Based on our existing cooperation, we are satisfied and we can only recommend their service.


The firm Edymax strives to continuously improve, both in ideas and in ideas which lead to improvement in key performance indicators ( employee turnover and their attendance).

Edymax aligns its incentives for better cooperation and increases their employees’ motivation. Moreover the management team is responsible for the cooperation with our company and the team works according to our expectations.


The Edymax recruitment agency is our yearlong partner in the area of supplying temporary employees.

We especially value their flexibility and the effort they put out while fulfilling our requirements, whether that involves fluctuations in production volumes or the everyday service of their coordinators for which our company has really high expectations.


Our company has worked with Edymax for more than three years. They are a reliable and respectable partner.

During those years, Edymax has supplied us with hundreds of employees including students to help strengthen our production in the summer months.